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Brewing beer is not just about creativity.

It is also a business.

Even if you can brew 150 different beers in three years, you’ll always need a cash cow. Our two beers are mass produced, small batches.

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A difference in alcohol means a difference in price.

Choose the one that suits you.

Maybe you’re ok with minimum wage, or just maybe you’re a high roller?

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Minimum Wage

4,5% Session IPA

A fruity, aromatic hops flavour with a distinct bitterness, hints of papaya, grapefruit, golden syrup and pine needles.

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High Roller

8,0% Double IPA

Fruity flavours with sweetness and a distinct bitterness, hints of syrup, dried fruit, orange marmalade, herbs and rye bread.

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Cash Cow Photo Sessions

Use the hashtag #CashCowBrewing.

That way we can find your photos, your comments and it’s a way for us to get in touch. We’d like to know if you’re ok with minimum wage, or if you’re a high roller.